Last Wednesday we sent our new photographer Jack Buckholz to IceHouse to cover an incredibly stacked local line-up. Nur-D, Lazenlow, Just Wulf, Captive Agents, and Sissy Boyish all performed at an awesome show.

“The Twin Cities’ music scene is one of the most unique things going right now and I think it was fully represented by the show at IceHouse. There is nothing like the feeling of blending so many different genres into one night of music and still having it seem so cohesive. No matter what you had came for that night you left with something new that you didn’t even know you were missing out on before. It was those kind of sleeper shows that come around every blue moon that truly knocks it out of the park and leaves you thinking to yourself ‘Whoa. That was a flipping awesome concert’ I was very lucky to be a part of it.” - Nur-D

Click through the pictures below to relive the night or check out what you missed out on.

Please check out music from Nur-D, Lazenlow, Just Wulf, Captive Agents, Sissy Boyish.

All photo credit to Jack Buckholz.

Written by: Andrew Perrizo

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