Artfully cut together the video for “White White Whitney” is full of fast cuts that blend and contrast perfectly with the mellowness of the song. Lack of trust and the desire to be free clearly come across in the lyrics and are mirrored with visuals of birds and other caged animals. Prathloons summed up the video in a better way than I ever could, so I’ll just let them tell you about it.

“The video was directed by Jonah Castenada Barry and follows a codependent, unhealthy duo (Willem Vander Ark & Jahlie Shackleford) struggling to cope with one another through simple means. The B plot follows a trapped winged creature (Cleo Pupillo) who breaks free to live among the real. The birds B-roll accentuate the feelings of being freed from emotion trappings and crippling introspection.” - Prathloons

Check out information about Prathloons’ up coming tour and music links below.

You can catch Prathloons live Wednesday, May 15th at the Kitty Cat Klub with Sauna Accident, Brent Penny and Adelyn Rose. They’ll be heading out on tour and returning to the Kitty Cat Klub to close out the tour as well May 27th.


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